Application of laser cutting in precision processing industry

The emerging precision laser manufacturing and service industry is in the early stages of growth. The precision laser manufacturing and service industry is an emerging industry. The development of this industry is characterized by technology ahead of the market and technology leading the market. With the increasing application of laser manufacturing technology in traditional manufacturing and the development of new laser application fields, laser manufacturing technology is constantly replacing and breaking through traditional manufacturing technology. Laser manufacturing and services are constantly penetrating into traditional and new manufacturing in terms of breadth and depth, so the development prospects of precision laser manufacturing and service industries are quite broad.

At present, more than 20 laser processing technologies have been developed worldwide. For products with high accuracy and structure, as well as research and development samples with a large number of design changes, direct laser production can be used, eliminating the use of molds (long mold production cycles and high costs) ). Lingxiu Laser follows the development trend of the industry and launches patented precision laser cutting machines and two small-format laser cutting machines of models LXF1390 and LXF0640. The marble gantry structure greatly improves the stability of the whole machine. It is aimed at eyeglass frames, dial gears, fine Gears and other industries that need precise cutting provide cutting precision technology, which greatly improves cutting accuracy, enhances processing efficiency, and injects new impetus into the development of the precision laser manufacturing industry.

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